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Message of the day for your console. Just for fun.
sudo apt install fortune fortunes fortunes-ru cowsay lolcat
# vim ~/.bash_aliases
## ru variant
alias ff='fortune ru | cowsay | lolcat'
## en variant
alias ff='fortune | cowsay | lolcat'
## run each time bash running
Alias name is up to you, for sure.

That could help in weird cases (like livewire stuck out of local APP_ENV, for example).
alias ar-clear-all='rm -rf ./storage/framework/{cache, sessions, testing, views} && rm -f ./bootstrap/cache/* && php artisan optimize:clear && php artisan cache:clear && php artisan config:clear && php artisan route:clear && php artisan clear-compiled && composer dump-autoload'

Long time ago i've faced annoying issue with colors under screen/tmux.
Googling a lot i've found that i'm not alone with this.
In short, colors in apps under screen (im active fan of this app) are significantly broken. I've changed color schemes, terminal settings like
term "screen-256color"
term "xterm-256color"
, hacks of terminal files ..and so on. That issue killed a lot of time and nervous. Solution, as usual, was simple and even "stupid". I'm not sure how that was found, i was thinking about same thing but can't reverse that to understand what was happening.
Finally solution was found here: (thanks a LOT btw)
Fix in my case looks like this:
# vim ~/.bash_aliases OR vim ~/.profile OR ENEN vim ~/.bashrc
# force cleanup of this var
Screenshots with description of issue below
No screen, simple xfce terminal - OK

Broken colors, mc loaded under screen

That painfull pre-set variable

vim ~/.bash_aliases

Saved, restarted terminal, run screen, run mc - colors fixed.

Usually there is a need to save tabs and its folder locations of Terminal to avoid routine everyday actions. There is a different terminals (Windows Terminal is my fav for Win 10), some of them has option to save tabs settings, some of them can't.
In case of Xfce Terminal we have an option to use command line to resolve this issue.
Man is the man, as usual .)
man xfce4-terminal
Tons of interesting things there, but for me this simple line is enough
xfce4-terminal --maximize -T "HOST OS" --working-directory=/home/ijin --tab -T "!! GUEST OS !!" --working-directory=/home/ijin/vagrant-vms/tatuin
Added that to launcher and that is it. Fix paths and tab names for yourself.

In case you have 2 (or more) monitors using for monitoring/stats/youtube/etc it is often case when you need to reduce windows quantity during Alt+Tab (its comfy).
Unfortunateley, there is no such option in Win10/11.
But, thanks God, we're using XFCE. Here you can easily do this with the command
/usr/bin/wmctrl -r :SELECT: -b toggle,skip_pager
# man wmctrl is very interesting too.
As for me, i've made a launcher for this, like this:


Calling this command you'll see changed cursor which you have to use for click on the window you want to show/hide from Alt-Tab.
Just like that. No need permanent running external software.